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sábado, 7 de mayo de 2016


May 1, 2016

To our dear Josephine Family,

It’s time again for the renewal of our public commitment. To prepare our heart and mind, we had a short recollection with Fr. Nonong Pili. Here is a short recap of Fr. Nonong’s talk:

“When God created the universe everything is holy. It is we human beings who sinned against our Creator. He sent His only Son Jesus to save us. The life, death and resurrection of our Saviour do not end the work of the Creator. We, too, are God’s co-creator. To be God’s co-creator, the center of our awareness should be that of the loving awareness of God, to enter the inner being of God. Our heart should be aligned with the heart of God. Therefore, we need to be transformed ourselves in order to transform the world. Self transformation needs going to the inner core of our being which can lead to our commitment as a Lay Josephine.       

Points for reflection:
Ø What is your heart’s desire?
Ø What is the importance of the Lay Josephine spirituality/ and the renewal of your commitment?

Our reflections:
Ø Our heart’s desire is to be in God’s loving presence, how to radiate God’s love in our everyday lives.
Ø To see the face of Christ in others specially the poor.
Ø The Lay Josephine Spirituality serves as our guide/ inspiration in our everyday lives.
Ø Our renewal of commitment refreshes us, a reminder for us to continuously live out the Charism.”

Holy Mass followed, presided by Fr. Nonong Pili. 

After the reading of the Gospel, 19 of us Lay Josephines renewed our commitment. 

The following is the Formula we pronounced publicly during the renewal of our commitment:

“With faith in God’s graciousness I wholeheartedly offer myself to follow Jesus who prayed and work in Nazareth.

Lord Jesus, my heart’s desire is to live a holy life and to help others to sanctify their lives. I ___________ renew my commitment to be a faithful Lay Josephine by means of religiously harmonized prayer and work, to live a simple and humble life sharing the good news of work, to transform a humane and a just society according to the call of the founders of Siervas de San Jose, with the Holy Family as our model and with the loving care of St. Joseph.

I hope and pray to remain in your love which I now solemnly swear in the presence of this Christian community. Amen.”

Lunch was served at the SSJ Provincial House after the Mass.

After lunch we went back to the conference room to elect our Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator and Spain Representative. The election started in a prayerful mood. Norly Deligero was elected as our LJ Coordinator and Connette Sta. Cruz as our Assistant Coordinator & Spain Representative. We were very happy with the outcome of the election. 

Together let us give thanks to God for the gift of our vocation as Lay Josephines and as Siervas de San Jose and for the gift of St. Joseph to us as our model and protector.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Leonor T. Callueng, LJ

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