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miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015


The Lay Josephines with Sr. Minerva and Sr. Concep
Each year, we all look forward to congregational feast days of the Siervas de San Jose. This year June 6 was no difference. Initial preparations begun ahead of time by Sr. Yolanda having various meetings with the Lay Josephines and the hostel residents to formally advise us of the feast or rather birthday of St Bonifacia which was upcoming on 6 June, 2015 and prior to that we were to have triduum (three nights of prayer). Each day had its theme and reflection inspired by the person, life and mission of St. Bonifacia. 
The involvement and turn up of the Lay Josephines who were no longer residents of Loreto was very good. They seemed to be enthusiastic and happy to be back at the place where they all began. The meals were shared in communion with the sisters. Unity and oneness can be felt among us in the group.

The first night of prayer was led by a Lay Josephine, Cecilia Teliwa who facilitated our reflection on the “FAITHFUL BONIFACIA”. She was assisted by Sr. Minerva and Henrietta Hasikou, a Lay Josephine as well.
LJ Cecilia Teliwa and Sr. Minerva facilitating the 1st night of prayer

Our reflection on the second night was on the “COMPASSIONATE BONIFACIA”. It was led by another Lay Josephine, Mary Kelo who is well known to the Sisters. Sr. Anita collaborated to lead the reflection.

The third night of prayer was led by Sr. Concepcion assisted by the aspiring Lay Josephines, Casey Kurene, Philo Efi and Jacinta Au with the theme “TRUSTING BONIFACIA and her SILENCE and STEADFAST LOVE”.

After the triduum, a celebration of the Holy Eucharist took place on Saturday 6th June, 2015 at 6:30am at Loreto Hostel presided by Fr. Angelo Sanchez, a Salesian priest from their community in Gabutu. The Mass was attended by the SSJ Sisters, including their collaborators at Talleres de Nazareth Skills Training Center and the Archdiocese Social Apostolate Skills Training Center, Lay Josephines and of course the hostel residents commemorating the birthday of this Silent woman of Salamanca, St Bonifacia who is still a living testimony to each of us in our lives. It was a very significant time for us all as we gathered again as a community and as a family to celebrate her life with the SSJ Congregation the world over and the Church.

Fr. Angel’s homily was enriching and inspiring. He made a parallelism of Bonificia’s life with that of Jesus’s life in Nazareth who together with Mary and Joseph prayed and worked in their humble shop with the sweat of their brow. The priest highly remarked on Bonifacia’s silence, compassion and trust in GOD during her time of trials and  sufferings especially when she was neglected by her very own sisters whom she had formed.

That was not the end of our celebration. We were blessed with the assistance of Governor of NCDC, Hon. Powes Parkop, who gave discount for the hire of the city bus to transport everyone for a day out at the Adventure Park. The SSJ Sisters and their respective collaborators, Lay Josephines, hostel residents and on-call male workers made their adventure trip to 14 mile for the outing.

After arriving at our designated location we assembled and we were put in respective groups for short introduction to each other. Soon after, we had games and sightseeing in and around the park.

To be in the company of each other  and to be one with nature was a very good way to enjoy the day. Playing games together was very interesting and enjoyable. We had BBQ and shared meal together.

Thank God for the gift and life of St. Bonificia! We believe her legacy still lives on today with the presence of her sisters in Papua New Guinea and around the world wherever the SSJs are.

You could tell in the eyes of everyone that they all had enjoyed the celebration. It was full of fun! It was truly a memorable and meaningful outing.
LJ Cecilia Teliwa with other Lay Josephines enjoying their outing

The Lay Josephines had a powerful experience of being renewed once more to revitalize their commitment. We arrived at Loreto hostel around 4:30pm and everyone returned to their respective homes.

Cecilia Teliwa

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