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domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014


8/24/14 Third Formation Session (for the new group)

Chapter 4 (Green Book)

Sharing of Life Experiences

How LJ spirituality changed an aspect of my life/personality/way of relating with people, with concrete life example.

..LJ as a total person
..LJ for Jesus
Living our ordinary life according to the teachings of the Bible.
..LJ for the Charism of St. Bonifacia
I call it the LJS Charism, a way of life for Lay Josephines
a gift to us LJ that needs to be shared to others to perpetuate the LJS.

In our daily life, sometimes we are on the right path, sometimes we lose our way, but because of our LJS guide, soon enough we go back again to where we are called.
People change, society changes, our needs change and in the process, our level of spirituality changes.
We go through different stages in life so adjustments have to be made.
Our personal spirituality as we practice it has to adapt to these changes.
We have to update it as to who we are today,
We have to reconnect with the Charism, with Jesus in Nazareth.
Neglect may lead to falling out of line, and going back may not be easy.
We have several LJs who are not with us today and who may have experienced this phenomenon.

Focus to the LJS by ourselves is not an easy task.
Community effort of the LJ-SSJ tandem is required if not mandatory.
We need each other, to lift us up when we fall,
to guide us when we go astray,
to beef us up when we are low.
Togetherness and camaraderie keep us online.

..LJ for ourselves

I must admit, I am a work in progress as an LJ after 14 years living the spirituality.
The foundation of the Charism is there but still many things have to be improved.
I am patient and continuously pray for guidance.

..LJ for the family

Witnessing  Jesus in Nazaret when He was a child. I put myself in the shoes of Mary while Jesus was growing up.

I have a daughter Cheska, now in College. When I started as an LJ she was only in grade school. She was one reason why I would be strong as an LJ. Raising a child is not easy, being an LJ mom makes it easier. It is hard to explain how but I know
parents out there know it silently in their heart.
I believe that she has become an LJ by heart. Through the examples shown, the little changes in my attitude, personality and daily living are noted in her heart and mind. Her own transformation begins in response to the positive changes in me. This doesn't happen overnight, it is a continuous process, a way of life.

We have been witnessing to our kids, our siblings, our parents, our kasambahays.

LJ formation happens in our own home whether they like it or not. Discreetly or not!
The number of LJ is not few. These little LJs, and LJ family members who are themselves witnesses to the life of Jesus in Nazareth have not been counted!

..LJ for the work

Witnessing Jesus in Nazaret as a carpenter.
Being an LJ doctor, would be an edge especially in dealing with patients with compassion and empathy. Understanding them and feeling them, extending your loving, healing touch.

Our Talleres workers are lucky that they have St. Bonifacia, who herself worked in a taller, as their model.
Our teachers have their models as we have SSJ nuns who are educators.
As an LJ doctor, living a simple lifestyle is not easy. I have no role model to look up to. I have to develop a way of life for an LJ doctor. In choosing a car, a house, clothes, shoes, bags must be simple and "sapat." Do not keep up with what others have or do.
Not plenty, not too much, not too expensive, but enough.
Spending is just right, just enough so that there will be more for others to share.

..LJ for others

Witnessing Jesus in Nazaret as He cared for the sick, the poor and the marginalized.
We live according to our state of life. The more we are given, the more we have for sharing. The more we know, the more we should return. Being an LJ, more is expected of us.
More LJs are called to bear fruits for others to pick up.

..LJ for the environment

I call it LJ EI for LJ Environmental Intelligence. An LJ is sensitive to environmental changes and caring for the environment is part of being a good LJ. The 3Rs of LJ.
Reduce usage or unnecessary buying, use of recyclables, avoiding plastics, segregation.

To the new batch of LJ wannabes,

I am happy to welcome you to the world of St Bonifacia and LJs
I believe that you are "Ang mga Bagong Josefino at Josefina ang pag-asa ng
bayan (Lay Josephine Spirituality)"

I'm Ate Connette, formerly just a Catholic, now, a committed LJ.

This is the only thing I am proud of.

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  1. Hi Ate Connette!
    I was touched by your sharing on how you were transformed by the Lay Josephine Spirituality. I feel proud of you, Ate Connette, for being open to God's transforming love which you have been sharing with all your patients, friends, family and especially with your loving daughter, Cheska. I hope and pray that there will be more LJ's who will commit to live the Josephine Spirituality.
    With my prayers,
    Ping, ssj


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