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lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015

“Working hand in hand, ready to accept the challenges in life.”

Recollection Participants
As the saying goes on: “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!", we would like to share with you the joy, goodness and love of Jesus the Worker that we experience as Lay Josephines. The following is the insight we got during our last recollection:

“In today’s life where we are filled with challenges, we need to be ready
Lay Josephines with Sr. Naty (Recollection2014 facilitator)
and to learn to accept them with open arms. With so much noise and distractions we sometimes fail to see and listen to the call given to us. Let us learn to stop for a while and see the realities of life. There is so much to do though we may have our limitations. However, putting God as the center of our life, we could not go wrong. Working hand in hand is a challenge in itself. But if we have one goal to face, working together would be easy and we could easily achieve what we want.”

We, the Lay Josephines here in Silay City, Philippines, bearing the name of MARY OF NAZARETH, are accepting these challenges in life. There may be problems that would come our way but as we walk together, strong and united, these challenges would not be a burden but instead would serve as a binding force that would make our relationship and trust in one another steadfast through thick and thin. By the spirituality of the Siervas de San Jose, we are being guided to the right path in conquering our fears and insecurities. We have been working together, hand in hand, in facing these challenges that impel us to be with God so that together we would come out victorious. We fully trust that in God’s loving mercy, our group would continue to grow and bear fruit in His name.
Lay Josephines with Sr. Amor (V-V Cluster Coordinator) & Sr. Dally (LJ LINK of V-V Cluster)

The three of us, Edralin Aguirre (Staff member of St. Theresita's Academy (STA), Emilia Guzon (Public School Elementary Principal), and Emma Cordova (Retired Talleres de Nazaret Silay Worker) had been Lay Josephines since 2009. We renew our commitment as Lay Josephines on the 1st week of May every year. The Lord has blessed our group with the presence of four other women workers who would eventually commit themselves as Lay Josephines. They have been joining in our activities for two years.

The Sisters belonging to the Congregation of the Siervas de San Jose assigned here in our place are giving us all their support. We have a very good relationship with them. They join us in our significant activities and vice - versa. They help us in our formation program. One of them serves as our link person to the Holy Family Province. She is always with us during our meeting/gathering held twice in a month.
Sisters and Lay Josephines celebrating the birthday of 3 LJs
Lay Josephines and Sisters enjoying a game during Christmas Celebration
Sr. Magdalena (93 yrs. old) giving inspirational talk to the LJs & sisters
Sr. Amor facilitating LJ Recollection 2015

Our experience of God's love and goodness flows through our concern to our less privileged brothers and sisters as beneficiaries of our outreach program every year. We feel the joy of being one with them in our own poverty and of providing opportunities for others to share their blessings with them.

Lay Josephines preparing Food Stuffs for the Recipients of the Outreach Program
LJs and Sisters with the Recipients of the Outreach Program

Truly, we consider our calling as Lay Josephines a blessing from God. Our spirituality is deepened as well as those of our families. God becomes so near to us in times of joy and difficulties. 

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