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miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016


On June 7, 2016 at 4:00 p.m., the Lay Josephines and the Siervas de San Jose, together with some of friends, gathered together to anticipate the commemoration of the 111th Death Anniversary of St. Bonifacia. The venue was prepared very well so that the atmosphere of a true Talleres de Nazaret could be experienced by everyone. There was a sewing machine, a long table with sewing materials, different colored cloths and a bed put in one corner, covered with a white blanket. Upon arrival at the venue each one signed her name in a piece of cloth and sewed it to the other cloth connecting it with other cloths.

The celebration commenced with the sharing of Sr. Magdalena Braganza, SSJ and of Edralin Aguirre, LJ on who is St. Bonifacia to them and how she continues to influence their life as an SSJ and an LJ respectively.

A very touching moment followed when all of them came together and gathered around the bed (which is supposedly the death bed of St. Bonifacia) and listened to Sr. Natividad Maravilla, ssj as she read from the book of Encina y Piedra the last days of St. Bonifacia. Placed on the bed were a lighted candle, a crucifix and a picture of St. Bonifacia.

Then, together with the whole church at prayer, they praise and thank God for his boundless goodness and unconditional love and for the gift of St. Bonifacia through a very solemn and meaningful Vespers.

The Spirit-filled celebration ended with a shared dinner which was enjoyed by everybody and deepened the bonding of the group. 

Truly, the 111th Death Anniversary of St. Bonifacia brought into their hearts the goodness and love of their dear saint and mother who continues to inspire them to follow her example in loving God and in serving others especially those in the poor working world.

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