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miércoles, 25 de enero de 2017

Our Plan of Life (2014-16) has just ended. In that three-year journey, we were guided by these spirit-inspired themes: “Nag-aalab (Impassioned), Nagpapatutoo (Witnessing), Nagpapahayag (Proclaiming)” and “Igpaw na, Diwa ng Nasaret!” Like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, our hearts were burning with the spirit of Nazareth, urging us to bear witness. Somehow, somewhere, there is always that voice that tells us that the time of maturing and growth in the well of Nazareth is “over”—it is now time to proclaim.

AND PROCLAIM WE DID! In the year 2015, after almost a decade, a new batch of LJs (14) made their public commitment, 11 in Manila and 3 in Silay. In Manila, it was the first batch of LJs bravely formed and initiated by the LJ themselves, of course, always with the assistance and support of the SSJs.  In Silay, it was a clear collaboration of the 3 steadfast LJs and Sr. Recie, ssj, then Sr. Dally, ssj.

The first step in this daring journey was not easy. It took us time before we could finally brave the first step. There were doubts and fear. But two things carried us through: First, trust in the spirit of Nazareth leading us, and second, trust in one another. 
LJ PLAN OF LIFE (2017-2018) Last month (December 11, 2016) we already set our plans for the next two years.). Center in our plan is the sharing of our Spirituality-To LJnize the World…

In the past, we were not sure of what to do as a group. Adding to the uncertainty was the assertion that the Lay Josephines is not a movement neither an organization but a spirituality, and as such, it is a way of life. We then asked ourselves, are we just called to live the spirituality individually, in the particularity of our lives? Some members, perhaps internally being pushed forward by the spirit of Nazareth, were restless and were not content to just live the Charism individually and in the small spheres of their lives. Others were looking for some group project or action at the group level. The realization took us some time. Meanwhile, some members have lain low in their attendance. Some busied themselves to their own projects in their community. Others felt that the group was not doing enough, so just stopped coming.

This necessitated a response. We then seriously started thinking of a real possible LJ project. But we realized there were indeed numerous projects we could busy ourselves with, but what is specifically a Lay Josephine project? With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we realized that if there is one important project that we should be doing as a group, it is this to LJ-nize the world.

And LJ-nizing the world we intend to do! We believe that it is only in “LJ-nizing” the world that the ripple of Nazareth will widen its area of influence and thus, following the admonition of Christ, make all nations His disciples.

We already have schedules for the formation of the new group in Manila and this is on February 19, 2017. 

Side by side to the Manila group is the continuation of the formation of Tagaytay farmers. They are now on their 6th session.

We also plan to start the formation of the Zamboanga (Mindanao Island) group this April, 2017. We already contacted Nora Albiso, the contact person in Zamboanga. We already gave her the dates of our scheduled visits. She said that she will let us know the feasibilities at the soonest possible time, as she’s busy attending to a 10-day multi-grade level seminar which will end today. We are still awaiting her confirmation.

There is also another group in Polo, Bulacan which also expressed their interest. This was just related to me by Ate Connette, lj last Sunday when we were in Malasiqui. They are not included yet in our formation-itinerary this year. But we will try to see the possibilities of including them on the second year of our formation.     

To maximize our human resources, we have created three Formation Teams composed of six members each, divided into various tasks: Lecturer, Liturgist, and Group Activity Facilitator. We added the last task because we saw the value of group sharing in the deepening of the formation.

We know that more important than quantity is the quality of a Lay Josephine. Thus following the Josephine-itinerary outline in the 2nd encounter, we would like to ensure a formation process that is charismatic in nature with the specific intention of teaching them to live, to see, to look, to interpret, to analyze and to transform the reality from our charism. In line with this pedagogy, we intend to develop modules for this formation. We are dividing the initial stage of formation into three phases as identified in the 2nd encounter. The initial stage runs for two years.

PHASE I. Knowing the charism.
Objective: To know the essential elements of the charism.
Methodology: Lecture.

Basic Reference: Green book.

PHASE II. Experiencing the charism.
Objective: To experience the living out of the charism through sharing and celebrating within the Josephine family.
Methodology: Exposure to various Community-Talleres.

PHASE III. Discernment.
Objective: To discern the call to live the Lay Josephine Spirituality.
Methodology: Prayer sessions, Recollection

In order to prepare us for the tasks, we plan to have some deepening sessions about the charism. Specifically, the document written by Carmen Sotto,ssj,“THE CHARISM: ORIGIN, IDENTITY, ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS.”

We already discussed Part I of this document: “Josephine Charism and Incarnated memory” last November 20 with Sr. Ping. That session was very meaningful and fruitful for all of us. The methodology is not only charismatic but also participative. It was very animated. Everyone is reflecting and sharing their thoughts. One valuable insight I remember by heart is that, “fidelity to the charism does not necessarily mean repeating the same formula but reading it in light of the signs of the times.” Vocation is not stagnant, it is open.

We have line up several sessions in order to continue reflecting on this very important document:

 Based on past LJ recruitments, the SSJs are the number one recruiter of LJs (with special mentioned to Sr. Maripaz, ssj). Most of the LJs are by the invitation and encouragement of the sisters. Once again, we count on your charisma to attract prospective LJs.  


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